Cancel your ClickBank subscription

Some vendors get you to agree to subscription or membership payments then make it hard for you to cancel e.g.

- by putting the instructions in small print

- by making you jump though hoops

Here we do the opposite !!

We keep this page up permanently and even refer to it at the Home page and in our mailings.

How to cancel

It's simple.

Make a note of the order number ** of your ClickBank purchase.

Then go to ClickBank's site here

In a few seconds you will have cancelled.

Cancellation is immediate. You will not be billed again by ClickBank.

** Forgotten your order number ?

Then we'll cancel for you!

Just give us your details on a ticket here.

All we need is your CBStarter id (the r=1234 number when you sign in). Alternatively give us the email address you used to purchase.