The Package - at a glance

The ClickBank Starter Package consists of

one A Blog set up on your own domain with hosting included

two Membership to our Private Forum of IM experts

three Affiliate Program with recurring commission

four Extra Bonus

Our Guarantee

Question: What guarantee do you give ?

Answer: It's ClickBank's very own guarantee - you are entitled to a 60 days no questions asked refund. And all future billings are cancelled.

Question: How do I cancel ?

Answer: If you are worried that we'll make you jump though hoops to cancel or hide the instructions in small print then be not afraid.

We state how to do it publicly on this permanent page

Question: What happens after cancellation ?

Answer: Your affiliate commission returns to 25%. So all future customers will earn you 25% recurring commission.

However - here's the good news:

All existing customers that you acquired when you were on a higher rate will continue to earn you commission at that same high rate. That's because ClickBank use the rate you were on at the time of the initial purchase.

This leads to a very surprising situation (in your favour) if you take up the one dollar trial as you can read here

The Affiliate Program

Question: The ClickBank cookie lasts 60 days. So will I lose commission if a free member does not upgrade till after 60 days ?


No !

Your signups are registered on our database with you as the referring affiliate. So, unlike the ClickBank system where affiliate cookies can be lost or overridden or expire after 60 days, no-one but you will be credited with the sale when the customer upgrades. Whether it's the next day or in five years time !

The Blog

Question: Am I restricted to selling just one ClickBank product on the blog?


Well first it's your blog and you can sell what you like. It does not have to be a ClickBank product.

And you can have as many presell pages as you like, each selling a different product. (For a total cost less than 26 cents a day)

Lots of advice in the Selling Guide when you sign up for a free account.

The Private Forum

Question: How do I contact the experts ?


Take a look at the ClickBank Success Forum

It includes 10 subforums covering all different aspects of Internet Marketing, each administered by experts, which will become visible when we give you access.

You then just need to ask your questions as normal forum posts

The next step ?

Sign up for your free account now.