The Amazing One Dollar Trial

The one dollar trial means that for a payment of just one dollar (the lowest payment you can make at ClickBank) your affiliate commission rate will be set to 75% (the maximum rate you can get at ClickBank) - for the next 20 days.

Why is it amazing ?

Suppose you cancel before the trial is up.

Then all the sales you have made in that period will continue to earn you recurring commission at 75% month after month. They will not revert to the 25% rate that the basic affiliate enjoys.

Let's put it another way

You could pay one dollar and ask for a refund before the trial ends - so that you have actually paid nothing. And then - even if you asked to be removed from our system, our database, our mailing list and have no more to do with us - ClickBank would still continue to pay you all those 75% recurring commissions !!

There must be a snag

At this point you might say it's a cunning plan i.e

** We are going to make it difficult for you to cancel. We'll make you jump though hoops or hide the instructions in small print

Answer: Quite the reverse. It's simple to cancel and we prominently refer to the cancellation page at this site and in our emails. Here it is.

** We'll try to upsell you with expensive products

Answer: Nope - there are no upsells, downsells, exit page offers, popups or anything else.

Even more amazing

I have NO problem if you cancel before the trial is up !

Neither of us will have lost anything, on the contrary we could both be earning on-going commission from your recruits.

However I know that once you see sales coming in (and it just needs two sales to recoup your outlay) and then see the viral effect of the affiliate program in action then you WILL stay so you can continue to earn 75% recurring commission on all your future customers.

So sign up for free now and proceed to the one dollar trial.